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MASK OF DREAMS (unpublished)

Mask of Dreams is a love story, set in 15th century Venice and the Balkans. A tale of sacrifice and honor, violence and fear of conquest, the plight of women in a patriarchal society, immigration and outsiders, Mask of Dreams has resonance in today's world―and even a sense of humor.


Recipient of Chanticleer's 2017 CHATELAINE Grand Prize for Romantic and Women's Fiction









An Egyptian extravaganza of panoramic proportions! These highly detailed pop-up scenes allow readers to explore the building of pyramids and magnificent temples, and life on the River Nile. With timeline and information on the back of each pop.



Book folds out into a very large 3 panelled scene of Egypt with plenty of information about Egyptian history on the back. Great for school projects although text more suitable for older children as v. detailed. We found it useful as a visual aid for school Egyptian topic just to get a feeling for Egyptian life and the immense scale of their buildings.





Experience Rome in all its glory through this entertaining and informative 3-D replica of the humming city center of ancient civilization. Standing over a foot tall and more than four feet long, Rome easily unfolds on a tabletop to depict nearly every aspect of Roman life in a series of dramatic and detailed scenes.


It's all here, including the forum with its temples, senate house, and courts of law; the colosseum where gladiators fight for their lives and crowds cheer and jeer them; and the hustle and bustle of the street, including apartments and shops, merchants plying their wares, jugglers and acrobats entertaining the crowd, and two-horse chariots racing over newly–built Roman roads.


The book is laid out accordion-style, with six panels on the front folding out into full-color scenes. On the back of each panel, lively, informative text describes the functions of the buildings, the rules of the colosseum, the life of a gladiator, the class structure of Roman society, and much more. The book also includes a complete time line of the important events in the history of ancient Rome.





Few Christmas songs are as well known, well loved, or more often sung than The 12 Days of Christmas. We know all the verses, but we don't know the origins of meanings of these 12 seemingly simple rhymes. Grant has traced the history of the Christmas celebrations evoked in the song all the way back to their ancient and medieval roots. Accompanying her charming full-color paintings are brief riddle-rhymes that hint at the other meanings of the verses and the scenes depicted. Following are delightful texts that explain the old traditions of year-end celebrations, some of them dating back to Greek and Roman times.


Steven Dohanos Award for Our Own Show 1995

Book of the Month Club selection

Appearance on the Christmas Today Show with Katie Couric


An enlightening rendition of the holiday song, enhanced by generous historical notes and elaborate, festive illustrations. Grant (Clyde Robert Bulla's The Shoeshine Girl, 1989, etc.) traces the lyrics, first published in England in 1780, to a much-older memory-and-forfeits game played for centuries in several countries. Here she gives them an 18th-century setting: The six avian gifts (the five gold rings, she suggests, are ring-necked pheasants) are arrayed against carved furniture and large tapestries; the people, in period dress, celebrate in a palatial country house or around a solstice bonfire. Grant follows the song with often-startling explorations of each verse's meaning and historical background--the birds as fertility symbols, customs and food, the pagan origins of wassailing--that will have readers looking at both the song and the holiday with new eyes. There's no musical arrangement (then again, who will need one?). Other versions of the song abound, but this may well supersede them all. (Picture book/folklore. 9+)